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What is Renewable Cash

The RNEW token is a digital reward token, claimed by renewable energy creators. It's built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain leveraging the Simple Ledger Protocol, making it fast, reliable & safe. Each token represents one watt of installed clean energy generation.

We believe creators of renewable energy should be rewarded, and this reward should have real world value. We have minted 10 billion (RNEW) tokens, with a built in burn plan down to 9 billion. A 5 year reward programme being at the heart of our mission. Non creators of clean energy, we got you, buy, sell & exchange.

October Updates:
> 8,000+ transactions
> 3,200+ active users
> Interest Reward Staking in dev*

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What Is Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. For example, solar, wind & hydro continue to scale by harnessing natures power.
EnAppSys predicts if current trends continue, renewables will be top UK power source by 2020.

We're bringing the emerging cryptocurrency market to the ever growing clean energy space.

Are you generating renewable energy? If yes, it's time to claim your renewable cash reward now...

Claim My Reward

We need to know which source of renewable energy you're producing, including the capacity of your installation in Kilowatts.

Current allocation of reward is 1 RNEW for every 1 watt installed.

The following is a list of current renewable energies that qualify for the Renewable Cash Token award.

  • Solar - sunlight harnessed into electricity

  • Wind - turning wind to power via turbines

  • Hydro - energy from water flow

  • Bio - plant & animal based

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  • Memo Mondays - All executed buy orders at will be awarded extra 25% RNEW. Send proof to admin in telegam.

  • Faucet Wednesday - Standard faucet, claim $ RNEW every hour

  • 1st Year Anniversary Countdown

    Why Digital Value

    Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Tokens are a new type of digital money and, just like with all money, you can store it, exchange it, and make payments with it. With traditional currencies, payments are controlled by central banks, Digital currencies puts you in full control of your own money.

    Peer-to-peer: secure payments go directly from one person or business to another, so there’s no need for any ‘trusted third party’ to process payments.

    Low fees: it’s typically much cheaper to move money through Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network, and transactions are also very fast.


    Store crypto in a wallet you control, time to choose...

    • Download a Bitcoin Cash and SLP token compatible wallet

    • Locate your wallet address, you will have two addresses, one is BCH, other is SLP

    • Receive, Send & store your Bitcoin Cash and/or SLP tokens.

    Other Compatible Wallets

    Move Your Crypto Freely...

    Send and receive Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Tokens anywhere in the world without bank fees, questions, or delays. Bitcoin Cash transactions cost less than a cent to send, so you can make cross-border payments for next to nothing.

    A range of desktop & mobile device wallets are available that offer support for the RNEW token built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, which utilise the Simple Ledger Protocol. Each offer different features and security on IOS, Android, Mac & Windows. Hardware & Paper Wallets coming soon.

    BYOB - Is it time to be your own bank? Must have Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in your wallet to move your RNEW tokens. BUY NOW


    19th October 2020: $RNEW token on #Bitcoin cash is now Live & Integrated into Spicebot. learn more at

    28th September 2020: Burn notice - 100million RNEW tokens have been burned, reducing supply to 9.4billion. Target 9billion

    25th August 2020: Burn notice - a further 100million RNEW tokens have been burned, reducing supply to 9.5billion. Target 9billion

    17th July 2020: Burn notice - a further 100million RNEW tokens have been burned, reducing supply to 9.6billion. Target 9billion

    19th June 2020: 1,955 active wallet addresses puts the Renewable Cash Token ranked 7th of 8,568 tokens built on Bitcoin Cash

    11th June 2020: Burn notice - a further 100million RNEW tokens have been burned, reducing supply to 9.7billion. Target 9billion

    25th March 2020: Renewable Cash Token (ticker RNEW) currently ranked 24th of 7,568 tokens built on Bitcoin Cash & 1,846 valid transactions

    5th March 2020: One Million Renewable Cash Token Exclusive Airdrop to SBS token holders has been completed. More at

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    Exclusive To SolarCoin Holders

    We're pleased to announce an allocation of 25 million tokens for existing SolarCoin (SLR) investors. Conditions are 1 for 1 capped at a max of 100,000 tokens. Please complete your details for further steps to get validated to receive your Renewable Cash tokens. See to clarify the correct coin. please note, if you do not own & hold SolarCoin, then you do not qualify for this offer

    Note: This offer is exclusive to SolarCoin holders, proof of holdings is required. Please allow 7 days, thank you

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